According to the U.S. Census Bureau, food trucks nearly doubled from 2013 to 2018. That indicates how popular they are in the United States. But there are no suitable arrangements for safety on food trucks, and the truck owners must address the protection of employees or consumers. 

So, if you are an intelligent food truck owner willing to buy a fire extinguisher or fire suppression system for a food truck in the United States, this guide is for you. Keep reading this guide to buying the best fire extinguisher in the US, as it contains valuable information and tips. 

Fire Hazards in Food Truck 

Before you delve deep into this guide, let’s have an overview of food truck fire hazards. First, your truck is a fully operating vehicle; hence, it poses the same risk as you would expect from another car that runs on gasoline or diesel. 

Other fire hazards are as follows:

  • Propane, if mishandled, could become a cause of fire in a food truck. 
  • Cooking grease spreads fire quickly, and it is hard to extinguish. 
  • If stored improperly, fuel used in Portable generators could result in fire. 

The above-listed are the most common fire hazards in a food truck; however, you can safeguard yourself during a fire breakout if you have the right equipment. Moreover, you can reduce the risk of fire with a fire suppression system for a food truck. 

Food Truck Fire Extinguisher You Need 

A few years back, there were no safety standards for food trucks by any authority. However, in 2018, National Fire Protection Association addressed mobile and temporary cooking and made some amendments. 

As per the new guidelines of NFPA, a food truck owner needs to get a class K fire extinguisher installed in addition to an ABC fire extinguisher to combat fire hazards. 

So, do you know what a Class K fire extinguisher is? If not, let’s get familiar with it. 

What is Class K Fire Extinguisher? 

Class K fire extinguishers combat Class K fires involving flammable liquids commonly used for food cooking, including oils, fats, grease, etc. Since these liquids are highly volatile, so the standard type of fire extinguisher may not work in the fire condition. 

While water may worsen the condition, a food truck owner must install a class K fire extinguisher to combat the fire. So, if you plan on installing a fire extinguisher in your food truck, consider a class K fire extinguisher. 

Fire Safety Tips for Food Trucks 

Aside from installing a class K fire extinguisher in your food truck, keep the following fire safety tips in mind. 

  • Keep your food truck kitchen clean. 
  • Train your staff to clear the cooking gas. 
  • Store highly flammable liquids carefully. 
  • Ensure maintenance of the fire suppression system. 
  • Avoid throwing water on fire caused due to cooking grease. 
  • Tell your staff about how to use a fire extinguisher properly. 
  • Consider installing an automatic fire suppression system for food trucks. 

Alongside a suitable fire extinguisher system, consider investing in a fire suppression system for a food truck that detects fire through smoke. 

Final Words 

Food trucks contain highly combustible liquids, such as cooking oils, fats, and grease. It is essential to have an adequate fire suppression system for food trucks or class K fire extinguishers. However, this guide has valuable information if you need more clarification about installing a fire extinguisher. 

You must read this guide to ensure the best safety for your employees, yourself, or customers. Also, get a fire suppression system for your food truck installed by a reliable and genuine service provider.